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What To Expect


Ahead of your appointment….

In preparation for your appointment we ask patients to use Earol Fine Mist Olive Oil Spray for 3-5 days as directed on the bottle. The spray is available to purchase directly from most pharmacies. 


We appreciate that patients are unique and some may require additional support, so please let us know if there is anything you may need to make your time with us more comfortable. 


Arriving for your appointment….

One of our team will welcome you to our clinic and make sure that you feel comfortably settled into one of our clinic rooms. We will have a discussion with you about the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and talk to you briefly about your medical history and current medicines. Following this, we will examine your ears and then discuss the various options for wax removal if required, and provide our guidance as to the preferred method of treatment based on your individual circumstances. Once agreed, we will make sure you’re comfortable and will start the treatment to remove the wax. 





The treatment….

The treatment itself takes on average 30 minutes, and depending on how tenacious the wax may be, more than one appointment might be required. As we are working within the ears some patients may feel a little dizzy after the treatment, this is not unusual and lasts only a few minutes.  We will want to know if you’re feeling unwell at all either during or after the treatment.

When wax isn’t a factor…

Where wax is not problematic and contributing to your symptoms, we will be able to offer self-help advice or direct you to other resources if we believe follow up or further investigation is required.

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