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Cathryn Sommerville
Nurse Practitioner
Sarah MacKinnon
Nurse Practitioner
Our Team

A little about us....


As Nurse Practitioners we have worked for both the NHS and private health care services for over fifty years between us.

During the COVID-19 pandemic we became aware of an elderly family member who was experiencing ear discomfort and hearing problems. This left her isolated from conversation for an extended period due to the lack of local ear care services being available to help. 

We wanted to help, and began our research into local services. We soon discovered that ear wax problems effects large numbers of the population, this is further compounded as GP practices typically no longer provide ear wax removal.

As a result we decided to set up our professional ear care business... and DeafEnders was born. 

We aim to provide a friendly and customer focused service in our specialist clinic. We will use evidence based knowledge and skills to guide your method of treatment and individual aftercare advice.

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